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Body Cam - Circleville Officer hailed as hero after rescuing residents from fire

Circleville Officer arrived to find the property fully engulfed in flames. Without hesitation the officer banged on the door and then entered to find two sleeping women inside, and was able to wake them up and get them outside while the fire department was in route to the fire.


   New found information has been found that second officer on scene Sergeant Hafey of the Circleville Police Department also aided in saving the two women from the fire.

Life Saving Award

Sergeant Hafey with Circleville Police Department was honored Monday for saving the life of a 14-year-old student during the Circleville High School homecoming dance

Doctors told Hafey that his quick actions prevented any further damage to her heart and brain.


Sgt. Hafey of Circleville Police department explains what was going on in Circleville today when they arrested nine people, with the help of Circleville Probation and US Marshals.

Days until the primary election
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